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About this blog.

In a meritocracy, achievement is rewarded above all else.

However, consistently identifying and interpreting academic achievement across different countries is difficult to say the least. There are abundant opportunities for an increasingly mobile talent pool in today’s globalized world of education, but how will we reward those who are most worthy?

I believe the answer is transparent decision-making and collaboration: Meritocratic progress in the international education community must come from institutions and systems that work together to effectively reward merit despite the status quo or new challenges.

In this blog, I will address issues of opportunity and achievement in international education, and in an attempt to promote meritocracy and transparency, will also explore ways opportunity and educational achievement can best be aligned around the world. I urge you to join the conversation and share your opinions on the matter.

Disclosure: My work on this blog is being sponsored by SDR Educational Consultants in an attempt to promote transparency and meritocracy in international education.

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