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Imagine Tomorrow: Learning in the 21st Century

October 4, 2011

Between 10th and 11th grade I attended Keyboarding Class for summer school. Of course, I was already QWERTY-proficient, but it was a mandatory credit I needed to graduate from high school. Today, in some Colorado public schools, students are tasked with creating a podcast that they can post to a class blog in order to show that they can both create media presentations and critically analyze them. Quite a leap in technological rigor from a simple keyboarding class…especially when you consider that these students are 4th graders.


The basic functions of technology that we had to learn just ten years ago are now second nature to a new generation of students that have grown up with it from birth. Which is why it’s great to see the Colorado school system adopting a curriculum they call “21st Century Learning Skills.”


When politicians talk about the need to educate our workforce for the jobs of tomorrow, this is where it all begins. And we don’t have to wait idly for inefficient government officials to make it happen. Imagine Tomorrow, a family-run company out of Denver that creates computer classes for kids under the age of 8, is already using online games to teach students the concepts of computer code, typing and cloud computing.


According to Laura St. John, vice president of Imagine Tomorrow, they are teaching young minds sophisticated concepts so that at the elementary-school level, they are already setting the foundation that technology is a tool, not just a toy.

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